CeramaClad – Wear Protection Ceramic Epoxy Coating

CeramaCladTM Series – High performance wear resistant ceramic epoxy polymer coating
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The Chemistry

As the surface protection needs of our clients grow due to changes in their operational processes, the technologies we continue to innovate evolve from breakthroughs in materials science and application methods to meet the toughest surface protection needs.

FMP has designed a low temperature cure, high abrasion and chemical resistant ceramic coating technology with the goal of offering our clients with the ultimate in wear protection and the return to service speed of any material on the market, whether it be chromium carbide CCO weld overlay plate or other welded wear protection solutions.  By incorporating a hybridized novalac epoxy resin system with our existing proprietary high temperature ceramic chemistry, we were able to design a product that could offer low temperature cure and survive in a high temperature environment.

Further enhancements to the coating technology involves the use of new nano material science to improve the coating rheology, wear, impact resistance and with crack arresting properties.  Our proprietary rheology enhancer allows the coating to maintain edge retention and hang more than 40 mils on a vertical surface. This further reduces the application time, allowing the coating to be applied in a single coat application.

Innovation continues with the use of urethane and elastoplastic technology in our CeramaClad AR technology to further chance the coatings impact and abrasion resistant. CeramaClad AR offers the highest flex on any ceramic coating on the market today.

The Product

CeramaClad, is our newest series of high performance composite ceramic novolac epoxy technologies designed with extreme service in mind – high temperature, high abrasion, in a sulfuric acid environment. The application format of CeramaClad, is the most versatile in the industry, it can be applied by brush, airless spray or 2:1/4:1 heated plural component for maximum production throughout. The quick return to service allows contractors to apply the coating and inspect or reapply additional coats on a consecutive work shift basis. This eliminates any down time waiting for the coating to dry. Our range of extreme service and low temperature cure products are unmatched. There are a variety of CeramaClad formulas available for every facet of surface protection.

Technical data
 Dry to touch time at 77°F (25°C)  ARII – 4 hours, AR/ARX – 8 hours
 Recommended thickness  40 mils (1000 microns) *consult with FMP 
 Temperature resistance  ARII/AR – 280 °F (140 °C) dry, ARX – 480 °F (250 °C) dry
 Mix ratio  ARII – 2 resin : 1 hardener. AR/ARX – 4 resin : 1 hardener, by volume
 Application method  brush or spray
 Substrate  steel, stainless steel, chromalloy, cor-ten, various alloys, concrete
 Packaging  1 Kg, 1 Liter, 2 gallon, 15 gallon and 100 gallon kits

CeramaClad ARII [Versatile Sprayable Ceramic]

This is the fastest return to service in the CeramaClad series as it offers the optimal balance of chemical resistance and abrasion wear.  It’s 2:1 plural component format makes it easy to use compact cartridge tubes or heated plural component spray.

CeramaClad AR [Ultimate Abrasion Protection]

Application of CeramaClad AR is direct to a prepared steel substrate. This is a highly filled brush or trowel applied ceramic coating that is designed for maximum wear and impact resistance.  AR is a urethane epoxy hybrid coating incorporating ceramic and elastoplastic filler to form a composite coating that offers outstanding wear and impact resistance.

CeramaClad ARX [High Temperature Abrasion Resistance]

CeramaClad ARX is designed to handle high temperature resistance in the harshest of chemical environments in the power and oil and gas industry.

CeramaBead 10 [Trowel Grade Wearing Compound]

This two-part coating with fiber incorporates a high loading of fine spherical alumina within the resin and hardener system that when reacted cures to provide a surface with outstanding wear protection.

Patcher R4HT [High temperature patching compound]

Accessory Product Patcher. Patcher is a quick set metal rebuild product to be applied to fill pits, voids and rebuild lost metal prior to the application of CeramaClad.


  • Stacks
  • Duct work
  • Bag house
  • Scrubbers
  • SDA – Spray dry absorber
  • Heater treater
  • Thermal oxidizer
  • Fan blades
  • Pump casing and impeller
  • Concrete basins, sumps
  • Petroleum storage tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Pipe lining, fittings

Technology Brief

Improving Pump Efficiency and Reliability
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Product Data

CeramaClad ARII PDS
CeramaClad AR PDS
CeramaClad ARX PDS
CeramaBead 10 PDS
Patcher R4HT PDS

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