EnerCote – Water Immersion Grade Ceramic Epoxy

EnerCoteTM – Water immersion grade ceramic epoxy coating and lining system

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The Chemistry

The incorporation of renewable raw materials is common in many of our coating systems. But it wasn’t until we came across a specific type of nut shell technology that we decided to build a coating around this specific raw material.

The chemistry involves a benzene ring and a long chemical chain which provides outstanding water and chemical resistance.


With the incorporation of this chemistry, our laboratory testing found a measurable decrease in water absorption, water permeability and moisture vapour transmission versus other types of liquid polymer coating chemistry.

Water is known as a universal solvent and in industrial applications it accounts for 41% of the global freshwater demand. The solvency nature of water in combination with chlorides, dissolved oxygen, and other chemistry creates an effective electrolyte to initiate corrosion.  The use of an effective barrier to protect the metal substrate from contact with water is a cost effective means of mitigating corrosion and extending equipment life.

EnerCote uses approximately 50 percent nut shell chemistry to offer the highest water resistant barrier film of any coating we could find on the market. Further enhancements to EnerCote, includes the use of our proprietary rheology and ceramic chemistry to create a high performance water lining system that will protect equipment from aqueous corrosion for many decades.

The Product

EnerCote, is a series of epoxy formulations that offers a very high resistance to water permeation up to temperatures of 356 °F. It’s ceramic modification allows it to withstand silt abrasion, high flow and turbulent erosion and impact damage.

The application format of EnerCote offers contractors the versatility to brush and roll, single leg airless spray or plural component spray for maximum production throughput. Quick return to service and low temperature cure allow contractors to apply the coating and inspect or reapply additional coats on a consecutive work shift basis, reducing downtime.

Our range of extreme service and low temperature cure products are unmatched. There are a variety of EnerCote formulas available for every facet of surface protection.

EnerCote GPII [up to 50 °C (120 °F) wet service]

Cost effective, high performance lining system suitable for raw water and waste water service.  Easy to apply and extremely versatile.  1:1 mix ratio for brush, single leg airless or plural component spray.

EnerCote HX  [up to 65 °C (150 °F) wet service]

Top performing immersion grade lining for condenser, water box and heat exchangers protection.

EnerCote XPII  [up to 95 °C (200 °F) wet service]

Excellent performer for high temperature and chemical resistance.  Brush and plural component spray 2:1 mix ratio.

EnerCote ULX  [up to 180 °C (356 °F) wet service]

Ultimate in high temperature and chemical resistance in a plural component sprayable 4:1 mix ratio.

Patcher R4 [patching compound]

Quick set metal rebuild product to be applied to fill pits, voids and rebuild metal loss prior to the application of EnerCote.


  • Water boxes
  • Channel boxes
  • Oil and water separators
  • Heat exchangers
  • Storage tanks
  • Secondary containment

Product Data

EnerCote HX PDS
EnerCote ULX PDS
Patcher R4 PDS

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