InsulCorr – Corrosion Protection Coatings for Insulated Surfaces

InsulCorrTM – Series of coating systems designed for providing corrosion protection to thermally protected equipment under insulation.

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InsulCorr IC – Waterborne thermal insulative coating

When energy is introduced to a substrate surface through an increase in temperature, molecules are excited and travel through the material at different rates. This is why some materials are better insulators of heat versus conductors.

This understanding forms the thermal dynamic principle of InsulCorr, FMP’s waterborne thermal insulation coating technology. InsulCorr’s proprietary CoolerTouchTM additive technology lowers the thermal conductivity of the substrate it’s protecting. Dropping the substrate temperature to a safe-to-touch temperature of 140 oF or lower.

A second physical property that compliments the InsulCorr’s low conductivity property is its ability to reflect heat away from the surface. The low emittance value of the coating means that it absorbs less heat through radiation at specific wavelengths. Ultimately, the surface feels cooler to touch versus a black body surface with an emissivity closer to 1, a perfect absorber of heat.


  • Energy savings
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Personnel protection
  • Mitigates condensation
  • Sound dampening
  • Low installation cost

InsulCorr SP827 – Hybridized Polymeric CUI Coating System

Corrosion under insulation is a well documented corrosion mechanism that is rapidly depleting the useful life of traditional insulated plant infrastructure such as piping and vessels.  The use of hybridized silicone based polymeric matrix coatings such as SP827 is a means to prevent CUI and limit future metal loss from taking place.  SP827 is a single-component, VOC compliant, self priming, high temperature coating system designed to protect carbon and stainless steel surfaces from atmospheric and corrosion under insulation. SP827 provides corrosion protection in high temperature service environments exposed to thermal shock and thermal cycling of intermittent wet and dry conditions.

The superior adhesion and barrier property of the SP827 technology makes it an excellent choice to reduce corrosion activity in under insulation service.   The SP827 technology retains its physical properties over time and will not degrade with high temperature service.


  • Low VOC
  • Self priming
  • Single component
  • Apply by brush, roll or spray
  • Temperature resistant to 640o  C
  • Ambient air dry
  • Protects against high temperature corrosion

InsulCorr TACC – Thermally Activated Composite Coating

TACC technology is a heat activated ceramic composite coating that provides supreme performance over current hot service applied CUI coating technologies. Its single component format and surface tolerant bond strength provides a fast and easy solution to CUI repair.

Key TACC Technology Benefits

The latency of the single component cure reaction is triggered by heat. Once the coating is exposed to heat, the chemical cross-linking begins which means the higher the temperature the faster the reaction speed. The ceramic coating chemistry allows for a high heat distortion temperature and corrosion resistance. The enhanced bond strength of the coating allows for minimal surface preparation that reduces dust, containment requirements and repair time.


  • Zero VOC
  • Self priming
  • Single component
  • Apply by brush
  • Surface Tolerant
  • Protects against high temperature corrosion


  • CUI
  • HVAC
  • Storage tanks
  • Piping
  • Steam lines
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Heat Exchanges

Product Data

InsulCorr IC PDS
InsulCorr SP 827 PDS
InsulCorr TACC PDS

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