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At Furnace Mineral Products Inc., health and safety is a top priority. Our goals are simple: no accidents, no injuries, and no damage to the environment. We comply with health and safety laws, requirements, and recognized standards and guidelines appropriate to our activities to protect our employees, contractors, visitors, physical assets, and the public.

There is no phase of business activity so important that we cannot utilize all reasonable means, methods, and precautions to maintain a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace.

FMP is a safe company with one of the best EMR ratings in the industry and a safety culture that empowers employees to identify report and eliminate unsafe work risks.

Our safety culture is reinforced by our safety policies, programs, and systems designed to engage our employees to deliver safe work on all our projects.  We pride ourselves on training our employees to maintain a safe worksite. As part of this commitment, we invest in daily job-site training sessions and provide third party safety training for all employees on a semiannual basis.  As part of our program, FMP has also established a system of safety incentives and bonuses to reward safe work.

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Furnace Mineral Products Inc.
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About FMP

Furnace Mineral Products Inc. is a technology driven coatings development and application services company focused on delivering surface protection solutions to the power generation, downstream oil and gas and chemical processing markets.

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