Our Beliefs

Environmental responsibility

As a specialty manufacturer of water-based coating technology, we have made a conscience effort to eliminate the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our formulations. Our Research and Development focus is to develop the world’s leading high performance, extreme temperature coatings using natural water as our binder.

We are also proud to contribute to the environmental conservation efforts of our clients. These environmental benefits are achieved through the efficiencies afforded by our proprietary coating product, GreenShield.


At Furnace Mineral Products Inc., health and safety is a top priority. Our goals are simple: no accidents, no injuries and no damage to the environment. We comply with health and safety laws, requirements, and recognized standards and guidelines appropriate to our activities to protect our employees, contractors, visitors, physical assets, and the public. There is no phase of business activity so important that we cannot utilize all reasonable means, methods, and precautions to maintain a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace.


Furnace Mineral Products has maintained a long tradition of developing leading edge products for extreme service environments. Strict conformance to quality is implemented at every stage of coating manufacturing as well as application. In every aspect of our business, the level of quality, professionalism, and care is unsurpassed in the industry.

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Furnace Mineral Products Inc.
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About FMP

Furnace Mineral Products Inc. is a technology driven coatings development and application services company focused on delivering surface protection solutions to the power generation, downstream oil and gas and chemical processing markets.

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