Refraxe – Emissivity Coatings for Refractory

RefraxeTM Series– High temperature ceramic based refractory coating

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Refraxe Series of refractory coatings including energy enhancement technologies and zircon modified technologies for ultimate wear protection. The Refraxe line of energy-enhancement coatings are designed to increase the emissivity of refractory surfaces. By increasing the emissivity – a material’s ability to absorb and re radiate energy – a refractory surface will offer enhanced energy efficiency.

Refraxe offers the ability to transform the substrate surface to absorb and re radiate heat energy, improving the thermal efficiency and performance of furnaces and kilns.

The coating system stabilizes the surface’s emissivity throughout the temperature range and seals the furnace’s firebox to reduce heat loss.

The sealing effect of the Refraxe coating system provides surface densification, improving the refractory’s resistance to high velocity gas erosion, dusting and chemical attack. Ultimately, this will improve the service life of the refractory material.

RefraXE coating systems are water based, inorganic chemistries that offer temperature resistance up to 2800 oF. The coating system offers excellent penetration and adhesion to the refractory surface.


  • Increases radiant efficiency
  • Decreases furnace heat up time
  • Eliminates irritant refractory dusting
  • Increases refractory service life
  • Improves thermal cycling resistance
  • Reduces heat loss through refractory
  • Improves temperature uniformity
  • Improves surface resistance to erosion
  • Improves refractory abrasion properties
  • Low installation cost
Technical data
Dry to touch time at 77°F (25°C) at 50% relative humidity 30 minutes
Color Black and tan
Gloss Flat
No. of components 1
Max temperature range 2800 -F
Carrier solvent Water
Solids content > 50 % by volume
Application method brush or spray
Substrate Refractory, dense or fibrous
Packaging 5 gallon pail


  • Calcining and transition
  • zone of cement kiln
  • Firing pipe
  • Preheater cyclone
  • Firing hood
  • Crate cooler
  • Nose ring
  • Reformer furnace
  • Boiler
  • Incinerator
  • Z blok module
  • Insulating fire brick
  • Kiln lining

Product Data

Refraxe PDS
Refraxe FSC PDS

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