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The spray-on ceramic coating applied at our power plant by Furnace Mineral Products has resulted in several positive conditions which are saving us money and forced outages.

With the addition of GreenShield coatings in the plant’s boiler metal protection program in 2001, the unit has been able to operate at one-year intervals without any leaks issues.

I would like to comment on the professionalism that FMP brings with them while working on site. Their employees are very safety-oriented and very efficient in their work habits.

We went from blowing four soot blowers every four hours to blowing two soot blowers every six.

FMP has always completed its scope of work in a safe and timely fashion, and has been well prepared and willing to respond to our needs with innovative solutions.

I could stand on top of our primary superheater intermediate section and look down through that section into the economizer hoppers. That was really nice.

We’ve tried different coatings on our boiler tubes and the FMP product has been the top performer in our unit.

FMP is our preferred blasting and coating turnaround contractor. They are very well organized and on top of their game. Working with the FMP crew is like pushing the big red easy button.

I am not sure what’s in the CeramaClad product, but it is the toughest erosion coating we’ve tried. It outperforms steel plate repair and has become our go to metal repair product.

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Furnace Mineral Products Inc. is a technology driven coatings development and application services company focused on delivering surface protection solutions to the power generation, downstream oil and gas and chemical processing markets.

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